The Perfect Pair Event Design was established in 2011 in response to the growing number individuals seeking assistance with wedding and event planning. Our goal is to offer our clients a variety of services and assistance with the ease of a phone call. We maintain great relationships with local business owners in order to extend those well founded relationships that help to meet our clients’ needs in both amenity and affordability.

The Perfect Pair Event Design strives to make your event both memorable, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Meet The Perfect Pair
Jennie & Kristin

Photo of Jennie Hess

A decade career with a national bridal magazine, ELEGANT BRIDE, allowed me to experience all that is bridal—from Fashion, china, crystal, home and honeymoon travel.  Over two decades as a planner has allowed me to know all the local resources and venues for your wedding day. Interior design, fashion, Style, fabric and colors, energy, detailed and organized.


      • I love people-especially turning new acquaintances into friends.
      • Smiles are infectious so I always try to spread them.
      • Forsyth County has been my home for over 4 decades, most of my life.
      • Flowers make me feel good. There are so many different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances to personalize what you want to say about an event.
      • Friends often ask me to help with fabric and color for their home. Interior design was my first degree goal in school.
      • My house is full of action with of 3 children and 2 stepchildren.
      • As a Lifetime equestrian, I have the passed the passion along to my daughter.
      • Outside is my favorite place whether I am gardening, running or watching baseball game.
      • Collector of magazines, bridal, fashion and home décor. Spent a Decade career at Elegant Bride Magazine, a national bridal magazine.


Photo of Kristin Johnson
Photo of Kristin Johnson

I’ve always been a competitive person. Years ago I had the opportunity to play soccer for a state-wide traveling team. We were playing a championship game and we were losing…badly.  I’ll never forget the words my coach shared: “I don’t want to see you girls out there acting like you are losing anymore. I want you to get out there and I want to see DUCKS!” On the water, you are smooth, you are unruffled, and the water rolls off of your back.
But guess what…under that water, you are paddling like crazy!!”

      • I love bringing a sense of calm to relationships and situations.
      • I love animals.
      • I have been a vegetarian for 20 years.
      • Running is my escape.
      • My husband is two feet taller than me. Seriously, I stood on a step at our wedding.
      • I look up to my little brother.
      • I love a good self-help book.
      • I studied psychology in college and love learning what makes people tick.
      • In my previous life, I was a securities trader and a personal trainer.
      • I can’t follow a recipe, but love to create new concoctions. 
Fortunately, I married a man who isn’t a picky eater.
      • I’ve had the same best friend since second grade.
      • I sing in my car…quite loudly. I think I may be good.
      • I rarely go anywhere without my water bottle.
      • I always under promise and do my best to over deliver.