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We develop great relationships with our clients. In our opinion, a good connection is imperative as we will be working side by side with you from start to finish. Here’s a bit of information about us to get you started. By the way, we’d love to meet you in person, so please stop by or give us a call.

Photo of Kristin Johnson
I’ve always been a team player. I think that you are only as good as the team with which you surround yourself. Also, I think that hard work and a can-do attitude go a long way. Years ago I had the opportunity to play soccer for a state-wide traveling team. We were playing a championship game and we were losing…badly. I’ll never forget the words our coach shared: “I don’t want to see you girls out there acting like you are losing anymore.

I want you to get out there and I want to see ducks! That’s right, ducks. On the water, you are smooth, you are unruffled, and the water rolls off of your back. But guess what…under that water, you are paddling like crazy!” Composure, hard work, a good attitude and a great team equals success.

A decade career with a national bridal magazine, Elegant Bride, allowed me to experience all that is bridal—décor, fashion, china, crystal, home and honeymoon travel. Over two decades as a planner has allowed me to personally know all the local resources and venues that will make your wedding day exquisite.

I love watching a groom’s face as he sees his bride-to-be for the first time. I love seeing the excitement our couples show at the first glimpse of the setup for their wedding ceremony and reception. I love the sweet moment between a father and his daughter before they walk down the aisle.

I love celebrations.